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and Development

Our products are based on the important connection with the cyclist.

To meet the most rigorous structural and lightness requirements, we use the most modern and innovative in design, process, testing and validation practices. We select and use only the best raw materials on the market, mostly from Europe.

Each piece we manufacture is molded with extreme care and attention. The production environments have controlled temperature and humidity, so that there is stability and repeatability in the process.

The fiber sheets are all applied and organized according to the shape and direction of their fibers, strictly specified in our production procedures. Then, we start the compaction of the laminate against the mold to extract all the air that may have been interspersed between the fiber sheets and the resin. Subsequently, this laminate is still enclosed under high pressure and controlled temperature, for hours, until it reaches the properties defined in the project.

After completing the previous steps, each component is validated for its dimensions and structural strength, in order to complete the assembly and apply the traceability code. Only then do our components receive the protective varnish layers, with high hardness and resistance to scratches.

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